The 3 Step Process Richard Blair Uses To Help His Clients Build Wealth

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been providing financial advice to his clients for well over 20 years.


He focuses on helping small businesses and individuals build sustainable wealth that will last a lifetime.


Growing up around teachers, Blair understood at an early age how powerful education can be. He saw how it could build confidence and completely change someones life.


So when it came to starting his own business in the financial services sector, he knew he wanted to educate his clients and show them how making sound financial decisions could set them up for a great life.


Needless to say his approach has been very successful as he has been able to help thousands of individuals and small businesses grow their investments and meet all of their retirement needs.


With that being said, here is the 3 step process Richard Blair uses to help his clients build generational wealth:


Create A Financial Roadmap


The financial roadmap will help you go from where you are now, to where you want to be. In this step Blair works with his clients to identify their goals, strengths, risk tolerance and potential growth opportunities.


Once Blair knows where his clients are coming from he can create a financial roadmap to help them reach their goals.


Develop a Long Term Investment Strategy


The long term investment strategy is designed to help each client reach their investment goals. To ensure maximum performance Blair manages all assets and reallocates them when necessary.


Insurance Planning


No matter what stage of life you are currently in, having the proper insurance is extremely important.


Once Blair has helped his clients create a financial roadmap and develop a long term investment strategy, he then focuses on helping them properly ensure themselves and their families. He advises his clients on life insurance, long term care and annuities. Learn more:


Insurance is an important part of building wealth. Without it you could leave your family burdened down with debt they could never afford to pay.


If there is one thing Richard Blair strongly believes in its the fact that everyone should have a solid financial plan that makes it possible for them to pursue all of their goals in life.


And while you may not be able to afford to hire a financial advisor, you can still take the tips in this article and use them to start building a better financial future for both you and your family. Learn more:

The Guidance Provided By Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Be Pivotal In Helping The New Bradesco President Navigate he Complicate Brazilian Economy

The relationship between banks and the economy can best be described as symbiotic. Under normal conditions, where one is doing well, the other automatically also does well. Equally, when the economy is experiencing some troubles, banks will also experience some troubles. This has been the case in Brazil for the last few years. The largest economy in Latin America experienced a crippling recession in 2015 and has since been struggling to recover.

One bank that has done well to remain strong during this period id Bradesco. Under the guidance of board chairman, Lazaro Brandao, and president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank has largely remained stable by relying on innovation and prudent management. However, a recent shakeup in the bank’s leadership hierarchy could see the bank perform even better.

After more than seven decades at Bradesco, former board chairman, Lazaro Brandao on 11th October announced his resignation from the position. His leaving the company was not entirely unexpected given the fact that he currently at the ripe age of 91. The current president was befittingly selected to take over as the next chairman.


In fact, it had long been speculated that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was being groomed to occupy this position, especially given the fact that he was assigned the position of vice chairman of the board three years ago. When announcing his departure from the bank, Brandao spoke highly of Trabuco and expressed the utmost confidence in Trabuco seamlessly being able to assume his role.

As a consequence of Trabuco becoming the next president, the bank now has to select a new president. However, the decision is not expected to be made until March 2018 when the bank holds a shareholder’s meeting. Until then, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be both president and chairman at the second largest lender in Brazil. This, however, has not stopped many in the industry from speculating who will be selected to be the new president. In line with the bank’s long-held culture, the next president will be selected from among the current crop of senior leadership at Bradesco. In particular, the current vice presidents are speculated to have the highest chance of being named to the position.

The new Bradesco president is expected to operate in an economic climate that is considerably different to that Luiz Carlos Trabuco found when he was named the president in 2009. After a few rocky years, the Brazilian economy is this year starting to experience a resurgent rebound. This is in stark contrast to 2009 when a global financial crisis greatly limited the flexibility of the Brazilian financial sector.

Consequently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco primarily had to rely on organic growth techniques to expand the bank. For the new president, however, there will likely be a number of viable acquisition opportunities in the industry.

Despite the difficult economic climate he has faced throughout his tenure, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has greatly risen above them and significantly grown the brand. Arguably, the greatest testament to Trabuco’s effectiveness as a banking executive is the 2015 HSBC acquisition deal.

The financial industry was that year shocked at the news that British financial conglomerate, HSBC was putting up its Brazilian operation for sale. At that point. HSBC was the fourth largest non-public bank in the country. Under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco moved quickly to acquire the mid-tier bank. The deal was ultimately valued at $5.2 billion, making it the largest for the year in a receding economy. The shrewdness with which Trabuco went about to negotiate and complete the acquisition got him named the entrepreneur of the year for the finance category by Money magazine.

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