Rocketship Education: A Glance at the Schools History

Rocketship Education was the idea of Father Mateo Sheedy, who wanted to provide quality education to the children in his neighborhood. He recruited John Danner and Preston Smith to become the new members of the educational institution, and together, they launched their first schools in California and Washington D.C. The children from poor neighborhoods are the ones who benefited from the school, and it helped them developed their skills, talents, and academic intelligence. It was difficult to maintain the school at first because they lack proper tools and equipment (like ACs) to provide the children with comfort. However, the students kept on studying while lacking the basic needs, because their focus is not comfort but to be able to succeed.

Soon, the schools had to undergo national tests, and they posted the highest scores in the United States. Rocketship Education was among the schools which garnered the highest scores across the nation, and parents were happy knowing that their children are studying at a school which prioritizes learning above anything else. News about the performance of Rocketship Education started to proliferate, and parents began to develop curiosity regarding the educational system. Parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Nashville, Tennessee wrote to the head of the school and requested to open a branch near their areas. Soon after the request was sent, Rocketship Education announced that they would be expanding to meet the educational needs of children studying in Wisconsin and Tennessee. Today, the school has 18 branches all over the United States, and they are teaching thousands of children values that would help them succeed in their future careers.

Rocketship Education affiliated schools have a different culture compared to the public schools in the United States. Every morning, they have an activity called the “Launch” where students are required to sing, dance, and memorize their creed. It is a culture unique to the school, and children are enjoying the activity. It is also the school’s way to implant the values that they need to understand. Another unique aspect of Rocketship Education schools is their encouragement for the parents to join their classroom discussion, to give the students a new perspective in their lessons.

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