Benefits Of No-Poo Shampoos

The human body is naturally equipped with certain functions that are designed to protect it. Oil production is one of those functions. Our heads produce oils not only to protect the skin of our scalp but also to coat our hairs. Shiny lustrous hair is a sign of health and fertility. That is why we, as humans, perceive it as beautiful.

Harsh chemical ingredients like Sodium Laurel Sulfate found in traditional hair cleansing products strip our hair of these natural oils. That is why there are so many hair products on the market today. We strip our hair of its natural oils with a harsh shampoo, then try to replace that moisture with artificial conditioners, leave in detangler, finishing shine, etc. Then repeat the whole process daily. Instead of adding to our hair care regime, let’s simplify it.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean recognizes that hair oils are responsive to their environment. The more they are stripped of their natural oils, the more oils they produce. This is why many of us have to shampoo our hair daily for fear of looking “greasy”. The WEN Hair system is a one step, 5 in 1 product that will take the place of all your hair products. Simply wet your hair and massage the conditioner into your scalp. Distribute it through the ends and let it soak in for the duration of your shower. Your hair will be happier, shinier and easier to manage. Let your hair be naturally healthy and beautiful.