Dick DeVos Has An Estimated $139 Million In His Non-Political Gifts

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have really put in a lot of work in not only business, but philanthropy and public service and have been one of Michigan’s most well-known education reform activists. The DeVos’s have also given their money to local hospitals, museums, libraries, universities, churches and other special non-profit venues. They’ve never felt it necessary to disclose how much they’ve given over the years, but in light of Betsy DeVos’s nomination to Secretary of Education they finally decided to make the amount known, an estimated $139 million in lifetime giving. That amount is largely exclusive of political campaigns they’ve contributed to over the years.


Dick DeVos is the Chairman of The Windquest Group, a company he and Betsy started back in 1989. This company specializes in investments in alternative energy, locally-owned retail shops, clean water bottling and even recently the acquisition of Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, MI. Prior to founding The Windquest Group, Dick worked at his family company, Amway Corporation. This company was co-founded by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. who is also the current owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick worked at Amway for over 20 years starting off as a department manager, then later moving up to vice president in 1984 and eventually CEO in 1993.


Dick and Betsy started the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation in 1992 through which most of their giving has been channeled. Their giving has primarily been for scholarship programs to help underprivileged families afford private schools, but they’ve also helped fund charter school aid as well. They have even established a charter school that’s open to the public called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is hosted at the Gerald R. Ford Airport and has a specialized curriculum in aviation and aircraft mechanics.


Dick was a leader of Grand Action Committee, a board of business and civic leaders that led a commercial and entertainment venue building project for downtown Grand Rapids. Dick and Betsy also helped the Kennedy Center complete its Art Institute building project with a donation over $20 million, and the institute was promptly renamed in their honor. Dick and Betsy are staunch Republican Party supporters with Betsy having served as the Michigan Republican Party chairperson, and Dick ran for governor in 2006 though he came up short. Dick has given to conservative think tanks and institutions such as Heritage Foundation, the Constitutional Foundation, Hudson Institute and Action Institute. He’s also the author of a 1998 New York Times bestseller on constitutional ideology titled Rediscovering American Values.


Squaw Valley Releases Update On Water Issues

In December, Squaw Valley issued an updated statement concerning their water issue. In November, Placer County Department of Environmental Help received notice that both E. coli and coliform bacteria were detected in a water supply used in the Upper Mountain at Squaw Valley. Heavy rains in October affected a number of water systems in Placer County, and the biggest issue was with a newly upgraded water system installed just that summer at High Camp and Gold Coast. This inundation of rain water resulted in the contamination of that system, and the contamination was only found in that one water system.

Squaw Valley detected the issue during routine testing and immediately contacted Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. They also rapidly began consulting with leading experts in water safety. With the help of all these allies, Squaw Valley have been working hard and continue to work to address the issues with the water. The area is committed to not returning to usage of that water until the problems have been entirely resolved.

Squaw Valley takes the safety of their customers in high regard, and has made sure that no guests were affected by the water issues. Restaurants on the upper mountain were closed and remain so until the water is safe to consume. Guests are still invited to enjoy skiing and many other things the area offers, and free bottled water will be provided for all guests.

The water has been consistently treated since E. coli and coliform were both detected, and so far the area is happy to report that more recent testing shows no E. coli present in the water and very low levels of coliform. No health issues related to the water have been reported. Squaw Valley will continue to treat the water and keep the public informed of the results as their work continues.

Effective Pulmonary Stem Cell Treatment from the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute provides stem cell treatment for people afflicted with serious pulmonary conditions and diseases. The treatments are designed to address lung ailments that include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

The stem cell regimens offered through the Lung Institute not only assist in easing the symptoms of these diseases, but also have been demonstrated effective at slowing the progression of these conditions. The stem cell treatments available through the Lung Institute differ from traditional treatment approaches because of this dual level of effectiveness.

Traditional treatments to address these lung conditions focus on aiding in relieving at least some of the symptoms of these diseases. However, these traditional treatments have not been particularly effective in slowing the progression of conditions like COPD. A more detailed info on COPD can be found on lunginstitute.com.

The stem cell treatments available through the Lung Institute are also preferable to some other options because they are minimally invasive procedures. In addition, the stem cell treatments offered by the Lung Institute also have minimal to no real side effects.

Many of these traditional treatments involve significant side effects. This particularly is the case with medication and steroid treatments commonly associated with traditional pulmonary treatments.

The Lung Institute has established clinics at different locations in the United States. One of the benefits of the placement of different clinics in the country is that a patient can elect to seek stem cell treatment at a facility located closest to his or her home.

The treatment utilized by the Lung Institute utilizes autologous stem cells from a patient’s own body. This particular type of treatment is considered effective because it harness an individual’s natural healing ability to heal and address a condition or disease.

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